that’s MY baby!

February 9th, 2010 | Posted by Ryan

ok, so i’m not going to do the overly proud parent thing here … well, maybe a little, but it’s with perspective. i realize my baby isn’t the first, not even the first we know (!), to receive this small but cool honor, but i’m still so proud.

a while back we submitted a photo of ellie to tiny prints to become the “adorable baby of the week.” you can tell it was quite a while ago because it’s of her getting a bath, but she’s in her in infant tub. she’s a big girl now and bathes in the big person tub, but whatever … she was finally selected today, as well as included in a short photo post on the tiny prints blog, tiny talk.


the ironic part of this is the group she is included with: drew (ok, ignore him), bryanna (only slightly similar to bryn), and RYAN. wtf? anyway …

go ellie!


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